#8: Secret Episode Number Eight

Sometimes we make mistakes that are impossible to put back together. Other times, we stick the landing only to find that while we were in mid-air a crocodile got transported right behind us.

Yes, I mixed my metaphors. Don't worry about it, that's not important.

This week's episode falls somewhere in between. Tim and I recorded an episode about more incremental updates, some of which include drawings, vectors, code and typography! Unfortunately, the audio got corrupted. So, instead of an actual recording this week, here are some links and and photos of what we talked about, arranged in a straightforward easy-to-read manner.

Secret Show Notes:

Murmers Typeface - Serif Fonts on Creative Market - a beautiful vintage typeface that Timothy and I love.

SUNN - Free Handwriting Font on Behance - another beautiful font that I use for nearly everything I do, these days.