#5: Dual Booting, Microcontrollers, and Web Ads

Dylan recounts his thrilling tale of installing Windows on a Macintosh, Timothy learns about microcontrollers, and the world gets yet another discussion about why bad web ads are bad. Much singing ensues. The world needed this extended edition!


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Show Notes:

VPT 7 | Conversations with spaces

What's New in Max 7

TotT #3: Projection Mapping a Fractured Projactia

Derivative TouchDesigner

A slow decent into madness at the Microsoft Store - EDU Portal

blender.org - Home of the Blender project - Free and Open 3D Creation Software

What's new in Finale Notepad? - Finale Music

SoundFont - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Microcontroller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My embarrassingly rushed Miura Nighlight - YouTube

Arduino - ArdunioBoardUno


BeagleBoard.org - black

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Extended Edition:


How Google Search Works - Search Console Help

How Siri Suggestions work as explained by Craig Federighi 26 minutes into Apple - WWDC 2015 - YouTube

The ethics of modern web ad-blocking - Marco.org

Mossberg: The real trouble with web ads | The Verge which I only read after recording this episode and is maybe one of the best things Mossberg has ever done.