#40: A Wrinkle in Faith

"Dwarf in the Flask" / フラスコの中の小人

It's the long awaited Kabbalah episode! So much symbolism! So much fascinating character development! The three McArthur siblings have so much to say about this episode that not even half of it could make the cut for their review. If this isn't your favorite episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, be prepared for that to change.


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Do not go gentle into that good night by Dylan Thomas - Poems | poets.org

Vatican Cameos - Baker Street Wiki - Fandom

Paracelsus - Wikipedia

Spoonerism - Wikipedia - the source of the "Lord is a shoving leopard" joke.

The Simpsons Bowling Ball (when someone gets you a present that's meant for themselves) - YouTube


#39: Hakuna Matata

"Daydream" / 白昼の夢

The rumors of our death were exactly correct. But we're back, now, and everything's fine. In this episode, Al gives an inspirational pep talk and Winry stages her own kidnapping. Yoki finally becomes useful to the plot, and Miles struggles to keep the plot moving. It's a jamboree of mediocrity, until someone decides to take an ill-timed nap.


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What's the Best OP? - FMA Mother's (Basement) Day Special

Green Day: "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" - [Official Video]

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#37: Unstoppable Military Sandwich

"The First Homunculus" / 始まりの人造人間(ホムンクルス)

We meet Pride's true form and Ed is given the task of helping Kimblee capture Scar. Dylan expounds on a series of odd transitions that only work in retrospect.


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Ken Burns effect - Wikipedia

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Emoji and the Levitating Businessman - Computerphile

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Wolf Children - IMDb

#33: Mano a Clown

"The Northern Wall Briggs" / ブリッグズの北壁

How is Kimblee like Columbo? Why is Yoki in this show? And is the Northern Wall a double entendre for both the fortress and its brazen leader? Probably. Also discussed in this episode: the symbolism of snow, the design of Olivier's sword, and the tonal dissonance of a giant chainsaw claw.


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Columbo (TV Series 1971–2003) - IMDb

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Eyes Convey Truth in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - YouTube

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#32: Tea At The Bradley's

"The Führer's Son" / 大総統の息子

General Gruman pays a visit to Roy Mustang and Selim Bradley steals our hearts before Fuhrer Bradley turns the show into a soap opera. Dylan starts a new segment comparing the anime to the original manga.


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#31: Use Every Part of the Marcoh

"The 520 Cens Promise" / 520センズの約束

After meeting up with Riza, Ed talks to Mustang about his plans to become Fuhrer. A bunch of other things happen that have nothing to do with that. Dylan rants about hands in anime.


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Political interpretations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - Wikipedia

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Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Movie Review ... - Roger Ebert


#30: Kim Possible's Killing Fetish

"The Ishvalan War of Extermination" / イシュヴァール殲滅戦

It's time to spend an episode focusing just on Riza Hawkeye. This should have been the best episode. Instead, it's complicated.

Jump ahead to 00:19:57 to avoid spoilers about a certain truth-seeking character later in the series.


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The Phantom of the Opera (1986 musical) - Wikipedia

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asdfmovie8 - YouTube

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack - Wikipedia


#29: A Little Too Normal To Be Evil

"Struggle of the Fool" / 愚者の足掻き

We've met Father and we've seen what he can do. Now it's time to find a new normal.


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And Then There Were None - Wikipedia

#13: CONVENIENT DEMONSTRATION HAMMER - The Beasts of Dublith episode, in which Bradley first tries stabbing someone hidden away inside Al.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) - IMDb

Gremlins (1984) - IMDb

Pokémon GO - The source of the Niantic reference.

#27: Double Triple Dip Combo

"Interlude Party" / 狭間の宴

If you thought the McArthur siblings would have less to say about this episode just because it's a clip show, you were wrong.


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Beck - Loser - YouTube

Where there's a whip, there's a way! - YouTube

What's the Best OP? - FMA Mother's (Basement) Day Special - YouTube

#24: RECIPES FATHER WOULD ADORE - The episode that introduced both Pride and the Board of Directors.

#3: LEAVE A COOKIE FOR STRETCHY CLAWS - The Cornelo episode.

#11: FULL-META ALCHEMIST - The Miracle on 34th Street episode.

#15: A TINY LITTLE CRUSH ON RIZA HAWKEYE - Ling's introduction.

#26: Look At The Cute Führer

"Reunion" / 再会

We're still stuck in Gluttony's tum-tum, and none of us can wait to get out and get on with it. Hannah has some things to say about the people in Envy's Philosopher's Stone. Timothy has some illuminating insight on the design of Envy's tongue. Dylan has written a checklist for how to build up horror when introducing a new monster. And then there's that scene at the end... That stupid, stupid scene...


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Edelwood - Over the Garden Wall Wiki - Wikia

Kiss of Rose Princess - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wormhole Explanation | Interstellar Movie Scene | HD Quality - YouTube

Tokyo Ghoul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Non-diegetic insert - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

#25: Crazy Miniature Panda Lady

"Doorway of Darkness" / 闇の扉

Hannah has a copious amount of dub vs sub notes, Timothy has some things to say about the transitions in this episode, Dylan nitpicks about story promises, and all three of them battle it out to explain whether the red vs blue metaphor actually works.

Also, it's time to talk about Envy's character design. It's kind of a mess.


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#24: Recipes Father Would Adore

"Inside the Belly" / 腹の中

A new host joins the show to deliver her expertise on YA literature and otaku, in this, one of the defining episodes of the show. Dylan drops some insight into the symbolism behind Pride's intro and Raven's character. Timothy explains the real motivation behind Fuhrer Bradley. Envy twirls the mustache he wishes he could have and hams it up like a Christmas dinner. 


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#23: The Manga Did It Better

"Girl on the Battlefield" / 戦場の少女

Romance blooms between Winry and Ed, jokes fall flat, and female characters contemplate their place in the world. This should be a good episode in theory. But yes, the manga did it better. Timothy shares his expertise on guns and gives a surprise interview with Timothy from the Past.


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#22: A Classic Sitcom Gag

"Backs in the Distance" / 遠くの背中

How better to frame Scar's back story than as a parallel to Winry's backstory? Parallelism ahoy! And Ling is such a great character now. It's a shame the same can't be said about Lan Fan. Dylan from the Past gives an extended interview about creepy brothers, red vs blue, and the dangers of mixing metaphors..


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#21: And Havoc Was His Name-O

"Advance of the Fool" / 愚者の前進

It's time for another breather between set-pieces. It's a good episode, but that doesn't stop Dylan from finding nits to pick. Timothy still holds some lingering problems with the Lt. Ross storyline. Ling finds a way to be relevant. Dylan takes another crack at deconstructing why the chibi scenes don't work. 


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