The Final Stretch

Some cool developments for Elda's Song, including a rough draft and some new features for the app I've been using to write the show.

Pilot Draft

I'm producing a three minute pilot -- the sort of thing you'd expect to find in the middle of episode 12. Here's an incredibly rough draft that I threw together with temp SFX and a tiny music cue:

I'm not particularly happy with it, but that's not really the point. It's a pilot. I could waste a lot of time trying to make a perfect first episode (which I did) but it's going to be replaced once I write the rest of the season. The goal isn't perfection, it's to demonstrate the KIND of show I'm going to produce.

What I want to know: what other shows (radio-play or not) does this remind you of?

An overwritten cue for during the the narrator's monologue. I stripped down version appears during the rough draft. I like it, but I'm not sure if it's going to have the effect I want.

What I want to know: How would you describe the tone of this cue?

Writing Software

There really aren't any good software tools for writing radio plays. You can use screenwriting software, but screenwriting software is just awful and the standard screenplay format is frustratingly arcane. So I decided to make something good and use that instead.

The second screenshot shows the script for the pilot, which I wrote entirely in-app. I love using this software because it has a fully dynamic autocomplete engine, which makes writing dialogue so much nicer. I also have it set to notify me when I've met my daily word count goal* by filling in the word counter with a solid blue.

* Progress towards that goal is measured incrementally rather than by total difference. You could type 500 words, delete all 500 of them, and the word counter would still remember that you typed 500 words. I plan to add the ability to measure total difference later.