A Pilot Two-Parter

After receiving initial feedback that the tone of the series was unclear in the existing pilot, the first episode is now being split into two episodes.

In the Beginning: Part 1

This is a prologue episode describing how the universe was formed, how it was all nearly consumed by Kel the Devourer (à la Fenrir in Ragnarök, but in a creation myth instead of an apocalypse), how he was split in half by the goddess of thunder, Illya, and how Earth was made to stand between those two halves, each of which live on imprisoned in the sun and the moon. 

The challenge of an episode like this is in communicating the unique cosmology of this universe -- geo-centric with star gods -- without ever getting too dense or too flighty. As you can imagine, this is the kind of storytelling that can easily get way out of hand. After reviewing a recent draft of the script in which I tried to explain how Devourers came into being, someone remarked that they sounded a rather lot like the Green Lantern Corp. Yikes! Not an association I was hoping to form. This is a fantasy epic, after all, not a sci-fi superhero serial!

And that was in the abridged version.

I almost don't even want to include this prologue (how many times have we had to sit through a prologue that the story didn't clearly didn't need to get going), but because Elda is a star and because Devourers figure so prominently in the show, I think it's important to establish these details early on so that those revelations don't leave the audience asking "How?"

In the Beginning: Part 2

This episode follows Elda as she crash lands into the Old Wood and tries to fix her flying machine.

You can read the script here.