Dealing With The Failure Of Something You Love

I fell in love with the story for my capstone, The Tome of the Seashore, the same way a dinner plate falls off the top shelf: slowly and then all at once, followed by a deafening crash once it all fell apart. For the past month I've sat with four outlines and a sad recording for the final episodes of Talk of the Tome, and it wasn't until yesterday that I finally mustered up the courage to barrel through recording episodes ten and eleven.

You could say this has been a pretty painful breakup. 

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Projections and Soundscapes

The Tome of the Seashore has experienced yet another major cut.

Due to time constraints, the story has been removed and instead of delivering a fully formed flawless work of genius  I'm focusing on delivering a pleasant tech demo at the DC Showcase. The following is a rough example of what will be projected on the pop-up book. Each scene will have two modes (night/day) which will be synchronized across the entire book with some ambient music playing for atmosphere.

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Graphic Use of Interface

A number of changes and renovations have taken place to the Tome of the Seashore. Some of them have been drastic, others iterative, but I would argue that all of them were necessary. And none were more so than the changes that have been made to the actual story.

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At The Turn of the Page

A lot of work has been going on quietly in the background for the Tome of the Seashore. The story is mostly developed, the characters and settings mostly finalized, and the electronics mostly finished. This is a status update to show what has been done and some of the process behind it.

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A Nostalgic Shade of Orange

Perhaps no other part of the design process brings me greater joy than finding the perfect color palette. It's easy enough to say "I want to use Halloween colors". But the minute you start fiddling with the HSV sliders something else becomes immediately clear:

There's no such thing as orange.

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